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Boxing Bootcamp

This class will cover boxing technique, along with power punching drills and footwork drills. The class will help move you quickly through various boxing conditioning drills, bags and mitt work. Keep in mind, that you will be working in a High Intensity Interval Training, so you can push yourself as hard as you want. The class is intended to give you a total body workout. Our boot camp style refers to minimal rest, keeping you above your target heart rate, but also incorporating threshold drills.

POW’s boxing bootcamp program has been in the West Loop since 2001 and offers a unique and comprehensive boxing training schedule. Our boxing group classes offer options for all levels and we welcome newcomers and experienced strikers. We have a great mix of adult women and men that thrive at POW! because we offer the perfect blend of technical punching, explosive drilling and high intensity interval training.

POW! makes boxing accessible to everyone and our boxing classes throughout the week are all different. This offers the ideal cross-training experience and the best way to learn boxing. Most of our classes offer mitt drills and a wide application of Western boxing. This includes classes called: Boxing Power Combos, Olympic Style Boxing, Boxing for MMA, Boxing Bootcamp and much more.

POW! focuses on teaching you how to punch properly. We also teach footwork, how to become powerful and build the strength required to thoroughly enjoy boxing training. Boxing is an integral part of all the combat sports. POW! specializes in adapting boxing to all the combat sports so we can personalize everyone’s training. All classes require wraps and gloves.